Adoption and Permanence
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The children in our care have a wide variety of needs. So, we need people from a wide variety of backgrounds to be their parents. We encourage applications from prospective adopters of varying ages, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation and gender.

There are actually very few limitations on adopting although there are many myths concerning this.

The only things you must be are

  • A UK resident or with indefinite leave to remain here permanently.
  • Aged 21 or over – there is no upper age limit but obviously you will have to be fit and active enough to meet a child’s needs until they are no longer dependent.
  • Have space in your home and, more importantly, in your life.

Apart from that you can be either

  • Single, married, divorced or living with a partner.
  • Already a parent – whether with children at home or who have left home.
  • In work or not in work – being on benefits is not a problem.
  • A home owner or a tenant – what’s important is that you can provide suitable, settled accommodation for a child.
  • From any culture or race: we would expect you to speak English.
  • In reasonably good health – weight, smoking or other health issues need not be a barrier to adopting provided these do not affect your ability to care for children or affect children adversely.

In my life I have achieved many goals but by far the best thing I have ever done was to adopt our daughter. We knew that it was the right thing for us before and during the process but did not anticipate how much we would be enriched by her being in our lives

JAH, Hounslow Adopter