Adoption and Permanence
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  • Your social worker will look for matches between you and children in Hounslow’s care.  If there are no suitable matches your details will be placed on the National Adoption Register after three months.
  • You will be encouraged to attend adoption exchanges where different agencies present children they are seeking to match.  Your social worker will follow up any potential links made at such events.  There may also be other events such as Adoption Activity Days or Profiling Events you will find helpful to attend.  Your social worker will tell you about these.
  • Children Who Wait and Be My Parent are magazines with profiles of children from all over the country who are looking for adoptive parents. They are useful in finding out about children looking for adoptive parents from around the UK.  Both also run an online service where you may find videos and additional information on the children.
  • Depending on the needs of the child there may be funding available through the Adoption Support Fund to meet those needs.  Find out more on the Adoption Support Fund pages