Adoption and Permanence
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Building Adoption Readiness

First Steps is a free online resource to help you understand the rewards and challenges of adoptive parenting.  First Steps will guide you through a wide range of subjects,  that empower you to be a better prepared parent. 

First Steps provides real insights through audio episodes and online lessons. They've been devised by adoption specialists and parents with first-hand experience.  The lessons have been designed to be used in your own time and fit around your busy everyday life. They can be accessed on the move from your mobile phone or tablet, or if you prefer, from the comfort of your own home on your desktop PC. If you register, your progress will be saved for you and when you feel ready, you can test your knowledge with some quizzes.

Backgrounds of children and why they come into care

The neglect of children is now recognised as a major contributor to emotional harm.

Attachment and its importance in adoption

Babies and children develop a pattern of attachment based on their experiences with their primary caregivers.

Identity, heritage and life story work

There is an imbalance of ethnic backgrounds between prospective adopters and children waiting to be placed.

Challenges and transitions to new situations

The day of placement is a hugely significant point of transition for everyone, but particularly the child.