Adoption and Permanence
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Our record:

Last year the team has handled 19 applications to adopt:

Of these:
1 was approved within 3 months
1 was approved within 6 months
12 were approved between 6 and 12 months (most of these were under 7 months)
3 were over 12 months (due to exceptional circumstances)

The team also matched 16 adopters to children during the same period

Of these:            
7 were matched within 1 month
3 within 3 months
4 in under 6 months
1 between 6 and 12 months
1 after 12 months

"We are very pleased with the thorough and professional approval process that we experienced with Hounslow. It was quick and efficient and superseded our expectations.  We learned a lot both about adoption and ourselves throughout the process and were dealt with carefully and sensitively during what can be an emotional time. We are now proud parents to a little girl.S&T