Adoption and Permanence
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Parenting any child is demanding: for adoptive parents there may be additional challenges at any stage.  We can help you with these by: 

  • carrying out an assessment of your family's support needs,
  • identifying therapy that will deliver positive outcomesand
  • applying to the Adoption Support Fund for this

The adoption team also run a post-adoption service for all adopters offering:

  • information and advice on a wide variety of adoption issues
  • an annual summer picnic for adoptive families and their children
  • other get-togethers for adopters 4 times a year
  • assistance in arranging, supervising and maintaining direct contact arrangements
  • letterBox – a contact service managing the regular exchange of information between birth families and adopters
  • counselling for adopted people over 18 who wish to access their records
  • seminars run by the West London Adoption Consortium