Adoption and Permanence
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Our promise to you

You can rely on the Adoption Team to:

  • be honest with you about the adoption process
  • keep you informed regarding your progress towards the adoption
  • have an open mind with regard to your application
  • be professional, for example keep appointments, be on time etc
  • handle your case with sensitivity
  • treat all personal information with the utmost confidentiality
  • provide clarity at all times

You are not alone

The adoption team provides support for prospective adopters throughout the adoption process and beyond. Although the process can sometimes seem quite intrusive, your social worker will ensure that this is carried out in a manner that is both thorough and as comfortable as possible.

Our aims are:

  • to make sure that prospective adopters are welcomed promptly, treated fairly, and given clear information about the adoption process and adoption support services;
  • to match approved adopters with children in our care;
  • to make sure the needs to the child come first and are central to the adoption process;
  • to treat birth families with respect, fairness and openness and make sure they have access to the right support services.